ATC Christmas Social Report

By December 13, 2016Club News, Event Results

From Coach Mikey:
Feeling so grateful and ‘in the moment’ tonight upon reflection a day from our ATC Christmas Party…

Gotta say…love my post-retirement classroom, both as a fellow “student” and as one of 7 awesome “teachers”. Abbotsford Triathlon Club is heading into our Third Year with new faces, new energy, new ideas, new goals and infinite possibilities!

Coaches Sato, Bryan, Sean, Ash, Hil, Erica and I look forward to another year of mentorship, coaching and fun with you. We have transformed from a club to an actual community. I felt it strongly at our Christmas party. It’s an actual energy force you can feel!

I am honoured to have so many new friends and pledge to give 100% of my heart to this awesome community of athletes. Thank you from the bottom of my running shoes, the top of my bathing cap and the tip of my aero bars for making every coaching experience an absolute JOY! Love, Coach Mikey

Just had to post this picture. It speaks VOLUMES! You are, each and every one, a treasure to me!

Happiness is…

From Kristina & Vince:
Thank you to everyone who braved the storm and joined us at the Abbotsford Tri Club Holiday Social! What an awesome evening of food, friends and fun! No, we didn’t about talk about racing all night long.

Special thank you to:
– Joe/Joyce for the spring rolls,
– Mikey for the homemade bread, jam and the amazing help in the kitchen
– Simon for the smoked salmon, wine and twins
– Bruce for the yummy cookies
– Geordon/Barbi for the wine
– Allen/Shannon for the beautiful flowers
– ATC Board for sponsoring a food budget (which we decided was best spent on triathletes’ best friend: CARBS)

Our apologies if we missed anyone! Vince and I were surfing such a wave of good vibes, it was all a blur. If we missed you, please add a comment so we can thank you!

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