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ATC Coached Track Session 3.35

By September 12, 2017Running, Workouts


Tuesday Tear-It-Up Track Night:

Rotary Stadium Track, Sept 12, 2017

1) Meet/Greet: introductions, share # of runs/week

2) REMINDERS:  Fall Cultus this weekend!

3) WARM-UP: 10 minutes slow and easy running, just break a sweat, raise HR, loosen legs, “get your head right”.

Do “Body Scan” while running: note any aches & pains.

4) PACEWORK:   e = easy      R = RUN

*Walkers: 25- 30min, finish faster than you started

**Beginners: 10 mins more jog,

then 1x(400easy/1200RUN400easy/400RUN)

THEN 10 mins more easy run but faster than warmup.

= 1600m INTERVALS , about 5k total run


2x(400e/1200R/400e/400R + 1 minute Active Recovery

THEN 10 mins more easy run but faster than warmup.

                                      = 3200m INTERVALS, about 7k total run


3x(400e/1200R + 1 minute Active Recovery @ 85-90% effort

                                      = 3600m INTERVALS, about 7.5k total run

*****CULTUS ½ Iron and Standard Racers only:

3 x (400e/1200R Time Trials with 2-3 min. AR @ 90+ %!

STRATEGY: chunk into 3 x 400m without a break, increase pace each 400m if safe and possible.  Try your best to have the 3rd 1200m faster than the first 1200m!

= 3600 m INTERVALS, about 8.5k total run



10 – 15 minutes MINIMUM of easy running, checking your posture, your core, your stride, note any soreness.   Heart Rate should be 90 – 110 bpm.

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