ATC Rocks Westwood Lake Triathlon! Team 2017

Abbotsford Triathlon Club continues to grow in every way imaginable.  We also find creative ways to try and keep triathlon a little more affordable for everybody.  Allen Fossheim (kneeling, left, white ATC cap) built not only the new Dynamic Events podiums (or is that podii?), but he also created a bike mount on his mini-Toyota truck that brought 8 or more of the bikes over to Westwood Lake Triathlon in Nanaimo.  Vince Dimanno and Kristina Paule drove their family van over with 6 other athletes.  Many of us rented “Quads” at Vancouver Island University dorms and had a chance to get our social side activated before racing.  Sharing driving, ferry fee, sleeping accommodation and even finding creative ways for our members and friends to get there when they could and get back home when they had to.

Pictured are most (not all) of our Westwood Team: From Top Left to Ground Lounger:  Joe Dixon (Dynamic Events director) Joe Crocker, Vince DiManno, Bryan Wilkinson, Angie Woodhead (Dynamic Events director), Darren Koop, David Williams, Simon Cox, Tom Advocaat, Allen Fossheim, Gregg Ambrosi, Mikey Ross, Zack Neufeld, Paul Filippi, Kristina Paule. Absent from picture but there at the race were Erica Flath, Winston Guo and our photographer Mona Nikkel Advocaat!

Next Races:  North Shore Sprint : Mikey Ross and Joe Crocker, then Oliver Sprint/Standard/Aquathlon and 1/2 Iron!!!

Tom Advocaat
Erica Thomson, 2nd in Age Category, 4th woman,
PLUS Winston Guo (2nd in Age Category, 5th male overall, 5th overall), honorary member!

Simon Cox
Vince Dimanno, 3rd in Age Category
Allen Fossheim
Paul Filippi, 1st in Age Category
Kevin Heinz, 3rd in Age Category, 20th male
Darren Koop, 3rd in Age Category
Zack Neufeld, 1st in Age Category, 19th male, 20th overall
Kristina Paule, 10th woman
Michael Ross, 1st in Age Category, 13th overall
Bryan Wilkinson
PLUS Gregg Ambrosi (1st in Age Category, 9th male overall, 9th overall), honorary member!

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