ATC Spin Workout
Week 3 Build

  • Maintain the cadence – if upping the gear means you cannot to maintain the cadence, then drop the gear and keep the cadence.
  • Increase your cadence and build strength on the bike
Warm up (15 minutes)
Gear Time (mins) Cadence Goals
0 5 70-80
0 5 80-90
0 5 90-100
Set 1: Down the ladder
Gear Time (mins) Cadence Goals Effort
4 5 80-90 Sprint – effort to cycle 20km
requires concentration, talking not possible
3 5 80-90 Standard – effort to cycle 40km
requires concentration, talking not possible
2 5 85-95 Half Iron – effort to cycle 90km
requires more effort, can talk in short phrases
1 5 90-100 Ironman – effort to cycle 180km
(easy spinning, can maintain for 2 hours, can talk)
Special Notes
  • This week’s work out throw in “Sprint” race distance effort – the max effort you could sustain for a 40-45 minute time trial. Always err on the side of caution. Rather than taking another gear, consider increasing your cadence in the same “Olympic” race distance effort gear.

Repeat 2-3x – 40-60 minutes

Cool Down (15 minutes)

Reverse the warm-up.

Total Time: 70-90 minutes

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