UPDATE: Lactate Threshold Test: Saturday, Jan.7 AND Sunday, Jan.8 From 11am on…

By November 28, 2016Club News

A lactate threshold test involves a few blood samples during a workout that takes you to anaerobic heart rate level.  You end up with your HR ranges for workouts, meaning that you know when to train at, above and below your Aerobic Heart Rate.  The test is done at the beginning of the year as a baseline for fitness development in 2017.  We have 2 dates available. Please choose the best date or dates for you, and indicate a rough time you’d like (you may NOT get your first choice)

Saturday, Jan.7  …….  starting at         11     12     1    2    3    4

Sunday, Jan.8  …… starting at          11      12    1     2   3     4

If BOTH dates and ANY time is fine, let us know.  That way, we can fit in as many athletes as possible.

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