Last Minute Long Ride Spin Op for Wed. March 15!

By March 14, 2017Club News

NEWS FLASH!!!! Life is full of unexpected workout ops with this club! ATC members are welcome to join Leigh-Ann and Mikey tomorrow at 8 am at her home. Leigh-Ann is peaking for her 1/2 Iron in California, the weather is 90% Precipitation and who needs the grit and grime and grease and slime? Not L-A and I !!! So…if you are in, post below or email Mikey at and I’ll tell you her address. This is a L O N G bike ride. You can come for half or only an hour if you like…we’ll be here spinning and spinning and spinning. Who’s in? It will be A BLAST!!!!!! Please bring: own towels/liquid/nutrition/trainer/bike/shoes/change of clothes/inspiration/helmet……. just joking about the helmet!

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