SUNDAY LONG RUN Feb 25: Hayward location MOVED due to snow warning!

By February 25, 2017Club News

LONG RUN CHANGE OF PLANS : Ding a ding a dang dang!!! A friend just sent me this weather prediction folks…

“Snowfall over the Fraser Valley tonight and Sunday morning.
Total snowfall accumulations of 5 to 10 cm can be expected before the snow tapers to flurries early Sunday morning.
Visibility may be suddenly reduced at times in heavy snow.”

I am, of course, concerned about the location of our Long Run. Coach Mikey NOT comfortable going up into the boonies on a curvey windy road with my precious cargo…all of YOU! Here’s the deal…I wake up before 6: I look out my window and assess…someone from Abby text me ASAP when YOU get up. Allen is planning on driving from PoCo and I DON’T want him on the roads if it gets crazy. If it’s light and seems SAFE let’s move the run to Flat Side: Dike again (SORRY: options limited outside)

Kristina, a huge imposition, but could you IF possible send a whole club email out to all members? I don’t want anyone going up there alone to find we have relocated or if it’s really bad snow, cancelled …

Stay tuned! HAWYARD CANCELLED…DIKE ON….for now…
I will text Allen right now!

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