Abbotsford Triathlon Club

Swim Farther, Ride Harder, Run Faster

’21 is almost done … let’s renew for ’22!

What did 2021 teach us?  To be patient, embrace challenges, show resiliency and be grateful! 

What will 2022 bring?  Who knows?  One thing is for certain, however. ATC will not just survive: it will THRIVE!!!

After all, look at what we accomplished in 2021!  We held group Open Water Swims at Cultus and Rolley Lakes!  We held Time Trials, Bricks and Duathlons on Matsqui Prairie!  We had Bike Rides in Abbotsford and Chilliwack!  We even began Pace Perfection Practises to refine our early morning running skills!  

Abbotsford Triathlon Club enters its 8th Year in 2022!  Starting October 1st, our 2022 Membership Drive is up and away!

NEW ’22 MEMBERS: $55 Adults $35 Students (Oct 1st ’21 to Dec 31st ’22) : e-transfer <> This club membership takes you right to the end of 2022. How awesome is THAT?   Note: A DISCOUNTED TriBC insurance fee of $25 is required for remainder of ’21 for ALL new members.  Go to <> to sign on first, then enrol in ATC right on our website! It’s THAT simple!  Your 2021 Club Code in order to receive a $5 insurance discount is TriBC_Club21_04875

CURRENT ’21 MEMBERS : please pay your ’22 TriBC insurance after January 1st, ’22 : you are already covered until midnight of December 31st 2021 (just in case you want to squeak in a last swim/bike/run before you shout Happy New Year!) We’d still LOVE you to sign on early to our club.  e-transfer <> 


Membership and participation in Abbotsford Triathlon Club is a great way for new athletes to get a friendly introduction to the sport of triathlon.  Experienced athletes will find like-minded peers with which to share their training tips and racing plans.  Regardless of your age, ability or experience, you’ll feel the joy shared in this wonderful sport and it’s many variations, too.  Triathlon’s family includes duathlon, aquathlon, aquabike, swim-run and of course stand-alone experiences in the world of swimming, biking and running. We do it all… and MORE! 🙂  



Club News, Events, Workouts & Notices

ATC Zwifters!  Come join other club Zwifters for some riding fun!  Currently every Thursday night at 7 pm.  We alternate our Group Rides as follows:  Each month Week One and Three: Stay Together Group Rides

Week Two and Four: Free Ride

About Us

The Abbotsford Triathlon Club is a not-for-profit organization serving athletes who pursue athletic goals in the sports of running and/or biking and/or swimming.  We encourage participation in all combinations of these sports, including duathlons, aquabikes, swim-runs and triathlons. Whether you wish to put together a relay team, complete your first solo triathlon or go for an Age Group win,  ATC is here for you.  

ATC supports all of our members with field-tested weekly swim/bike/run workouts.  All workouts have a wide range of intensity and duration, making them adaptable to any athlete regardless of fitness level.  These are emailed to each member as a “Monthly Fitness Pack”.  The weekly workouts can be completed during club sessions or at your own leisure, depending on your needs and your individual circumstances.  We also have many social events to bring us together.   ATC is a safe, respectful and inclusive club environment in which to train, whenever, wherever and however you can.  

I asked Mikey Ross to coach me because I really admire him and want to be [an athlete] like him. He has won numerous races, set course records, and broken his own course records. He's been called an "age group legend" by a race director. His coaching has helped me attain my goals injury free. Knowing that I am accountable to a coach makes me train harder, smarter (to prevent injury), and more frequently (sometimes I'd rather lie in bed than get up and do my workout, but knowing I have [a coach] motivates me). Getting a coach is the best thing you can do to help you set and attain your fitness goals.



The Abbotsford Triathlon Club’s mission is to establish a strong triathlete community. We do this:

  • By providing opportunities for individuals to engage in the sport of triathlon in a welcoming, safe, community-oriented environment.

  • By offering special events, mini-clinics, mentorship, and professional services that athletes may use to improve their fitness, develop their triathlon skills and further their enjoyment of the sport.


*To continue, in our 8th year, as a vital part of British Columbia’s triathlon community.

*To be a club where athletes of all fitness and ability levels can come together in a safe, inclusive and diverse environment in order to share their enthusiasm for the sport and learn from one another.

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