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Abbotsford Triathlon Club

ATC members include people of all physical abilities and ages!
We live and train all through the Fraser Valley…and beyond!
We share a common interest…fitness!
Some members train for and race in triathlons, others focus on a single sport only…

You do YOU!

Abbotsford Triathlon Club is a certified and not-for-profit club registered with Triathlon BC.


  • To increase our fitness
  • To prepare us for participation in sports events if that’s our personal goal

What events are there to choose from? 

Triathlon is swimming, then biking, then running. Distances range from SuperSprints (e.g. Swim 350 metres / Bike 10 km / Run 2.5 km) to Sprints, Standards, Half-Irons and Ironman.

Duathlon is running, then biking, then running.  Distances are as wide a range as Triathlon. Duathlon is an excellent multi-sport choice for those who can’t or don’t choose to swim.

AquaBike is swimming, then cycling. Done!  No Run!

Swim-Run is just that!  Sometimes it involves repeated swims and runs.

What do I get if I join ATC?

ATC’S annual membership includes:

  • monthly e-mailed swim/cycle/run workouts in multiple levels of duration and intensity
  • opportunities to socialize, train and race with fellow members
  • May – September “In Season” – weekly coach-supervised swims, bikes and runs
  • October – April “Off Season” – every other weekend – training and social opportunities

For more information about our club and HOW TO REGISTER, feel free to contact us.