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Abbotsford Triathlon Club is, despite the challenges of Co-Vid 2020, still a going concern in 2021.  We have a variety of “newbie” and even “soon-to-be” triathletes, 50 members at last count, ranging in age from 19 to over 70! We celebrate diversity of all kinds and look forward to training with you. We live and exercise in and around Abbotsford, Mission, Yarrow, Agassiz, Chilliwack, Maple Ridge, Coquitlam and Langley.   

Membership and participation in Abbotsford Triathlon Club is a great way for new athletes to get a friendly introduction to the sport of triathlon.  Experienced athletes will find like-minded peers with which to share their training tips and racing plans.  Regardless of your age, ability or experience, you’ll feel the joy shared in this wonderful sport and it’s many variations, too.  Triathlon’s family includes duathlon, aquathlon, aquabike and of course stand-alone experiences in the world of swimming, biking and running. We do it all 🙂  

We are a community focused club and strive to provide a safe, fun and inclusive environment for members of all abilities to learn, train and develop in the sport. We are very excited to discover what the future holds in store for us all.  We look forward to training with you and sharing in the camaraderie of our sport.

Registration for 2021 is now open.  Until Co-Vid is conquered and we are all safely vaccinated to protect each other, you will receive monthly mail-outs with one swim, bike and run per week to do on your own.   For insurance purposes, membership in Abbotsford Triathlon Club requires that you also be a member of Triathlon BC, which provides us with all necessary insurance for club-planned and club-sponsored training opportunities.  Your 2021 Club Code in order to receive a $5 discount is TriBC_Club21_04875. (Don’t include the period!). Go to <> to sign up.

2020 Club Members are receiving the 2021 registration FREE (last year was…quiet!)

NEW members: Adults $55 / Students $35  Simply send your registration fee to <>

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About Us

The Abbotsford Triathlon Club is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to promoting the sport of triathlon and duathlon in our various communities. Our coaches are experienced and dedicated to helping you reach your fitness and participation goals.  Whether you wish to put together a relay team, complete your first solo triathlon or go for an Age Group win,  ATC is here for you.  

We support all of our members with exemplary swim/bike/run workouts.  These workouts can be completed during club sessions or at your own leisure, depending on your needs and your individual circumstances.  Just as importantly, our regular social events are sprinkled throughout the year.  We offer all of our members a safe and enjoyable club environment in which to train, whenever, wherever and however you can.  

I asked Mikey Ross to coach me because I really admire him and want to be [an athlete] like him. He has won numerous races, set course records, and broken his own course records. He's been called an "age group legend" by a race director. His coaching has helped me attain my goals injury free. Knowing that I am accountable to a coach makes me train harder, smarter (to prevent injury), and more frequently (sometimes I'd rather lie in bed than get up and do my workout, but knowing I have [a coach] motivates me). Getting a coach is the best thing you can do to help you set and attain your fitness goals.



The Abbotsford Triathlon Club’s mission is to establish a strong triathlete community. We do this:

  • By providing opportunities for individuals to engage in the sport of triathlon in a welcoming, safe, community-oriented environment.

  • By offering special events, mini-clinics, mentorship, and professional services that athletes may use to improve their fitness, develop their triathlon skills and further their enjoyment of the sport.


To continue, in our 7th year, as a vital part of British Columbia’s triathlon community, where athletes of all fitness and ability levels can come together to share their enthusiasm for the sport and learn from one another.

ATC Program

ATC provides a wide variety of opportunities for individuals to learn about and engage in training for the sports encompassing a triathlon. Visit our Training Section for a description of the programs the Abbotsford Triathlon Club offers within each discipline. For more up to date information, please check out our very active Facebook page at  Abbotsford Triathlon Club.

NOTE: ALL in-person coaching and training opportunities are suspended until we are cleared to resume activities by the British Columbia health authorities.

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