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ATC Board of Directors

President John O’Keefe

John O'Keefe President

Treasurer Aaron Boyes

Aaron Boyes Treasurer

Head Coach Mikey Ross

Mikey Ross ATC Head Coach

Vice President Riccardo Opeka

Riccardo Opeka Vice-President

Secretary Sandra Smith

Sandra Smith Secretary

Our Coaches

Mikey Ross - NCCP Coach #5851040

Hi!  It’s been 20 years of triathlons, duathlons, swim-runs, aquathlons and a few hundred running races for me…and I still love it all!

COACHING: I am an NCCP Cycling and Triathlon Coach who loves helping athletes of all ages and all skill levels to find the joy in what they do, whether it be swimming, biking, running or all three!

RACING: I train year-round and do my best to be “race ready” whenever the opportunity arises.  My roots are as a runner: road and trail races have brought me decades of wonderful memories.  I “branched out” into triathlons about 20 years ago and have competed fiercely and joyfully in about 120 races of all distance so far.  Turning 65 this year is a THRILL for me: Brand New Age Category!!!!!!! Bring it on!

MEDIA: I’m Administrator of both the ATC  “public” and “members only” Facebook pages.  I also co-administer “Tri*Joy: the Spirit of Multisport” a public Facebook page dedicated to all things Triathlon!

Kevin Heinze - NCCP Coach #5857234

From my 1st coaching position in provincial level table tennis in Saskatchewan in 1982, to teaching reading, writing, and life skills to incarcerated adults today, I have always been interested and passionate about helping other people succeed in both athletics and academics.

My coaching influences include Gordo Byrn, Brett Sutton, and Sean Clarke.  My sport heroes are Jens Voigt (cycling), Dave Scott (triathlon), Alistair Brownlee (triathlon), Clara Hughes (speed skating), Muhammad Ali (boxing).  Just like triathlon is made up of 3 primary disciplines, I believe that in order to successfully participate in the sport there are 3 key elements: race day execution, training, and lifestyle. To help you achieve success in these 3 areas I see my role as a mentor, motivator, and expert in training and racing strategies.

My recent athletic achievements include: 10 K champion, Historic Half, 2014. Third place overall, Black Diamond Endurance Duathlon, 2014. Second place in age group (50-55), Challenge Penticton, 2014. First place in age group (50-55) UBC Duathlon, 2014. Other athletic achievements include: Champion, Black Diamond Endurance Duathlon, 2008, 2010. Second place overall, Iron Mountain Triathlon 2007. Ironman Canada finisher, 2000, 2002, 2004, 2006, 2008, 2010, 2016. Sprint Distance Champion Rocky Mountain Triathlon, 2001.

Athlete Biographies


I obtained my CGA designation in 1999. For over 10 years I have been running my own business, A & A Accounting services, which provides accounting, software and related business services to support small and medium sized businesses with their operational and financial requirements.  I have participated in team sports and a variety of other sporting activities since childhood.  As an accountant I have managed the finances and logistics for the sporting teams that I currently play on. I am taking on a similar role as treasurer for the Abbotsford Triathlon Club.  I will ensure the club will be a financially viable not-for-profit entity that can support the membership and purpose of the club, while at the same time ensuring that integrity and transparency is maintained in all areas where ATC is affiliated.


My name is Deb (ugh 45-49AG).  Back in my early days I used to be national level track and field.  I loved to run.  I brought that into my career chasing bad guys every day….never lost a foot pursuit.  In Nov of 2002 I suffered a workplace injury.  Damaged spine, torn SI joints, torn hamstring, rotated pelvis equalled multiple visits to doctors, numerous procedures and the constant comments of you won’t be able to run again played like a broken record.  In 2010, after another injury and surgery, I took up swimming for the first time.  This led me to my first sprint triathlon in Summerland.  I was hooked.  I continued my “rehab”, researched the crap out of non traditional remedies and did everything I could to get myself back running again.  In 2014 I completed my first half ironman in Oliver.  To date, I have completed 5 half ironmans and are scheduled to complete another 3 for 2017.  I’m not the fastest or the best runner out there but I don’t give up.  Aside from triathlon’s, I’ve returned to playing hockey, yoga, music and I continue to work with dogs as a civilian handler.   I recently resigned from both the local Search and Rescue team after 15 years and the Provincial SAR Dog Team after 14 years.  This just means I need to fill the void with more training!  I’m looking forward to another season and cheering on the members of ATC in their endeavours


Elliot Mayhew is so excited to enter his 3rd year as a member of the Abbotsford Triathlon Club.   Joining the club after moving from Mississauga, Ontario, Elliot became a member to be part of a local group of athletes who are looking to better themselves through the competition of multisport.  He soon discovered the magic of ATC as a fun and energetic community that challenges its members to be the best version of themselves.  Who knew that training would be more enjoyable than competing in events?  Setting goals and achieving new milestones with some amazing people is what keeps him coming back each year.

When not training, Elliot is a chiropractor who has a special interest in sports medicine.  Currently, he is a resident of the Royal College of Chiropractic Sports Sciences Residency Program and is pursuing his Master’s in Rehabilitation Sciences at the University of British Columbia.

In his spare time, he loves to explore and get outdoors with his family. Adventuring on day hikes throughout the British Columbia backcountry, he embraces the sports medicine philosophy of living an active lifestyle.


I am a geologist. I came to Canada from Venice-Italy in mid-april 2007 to do my Ph.D. in Earth Sciences at Simon Fraser University.  I have always liked sport. In Italy, during my teens and university years, I played volleyball and run. One day I was watching TV and I discovered a sport that involved three disciplines, something called “TRIATHLON”, and I have been curious ever since.  During my grad school years at SFU I joined Master Swimming and improved my technique and stamina. One day one of my coaches came to the pool with biker tan lines and I asked: “Did you go on a long ride last weekend?” She answered: “I did a triathlon yesterday and it was a lot of fun”. That was it for me. I decided I was going to try it.  I did my very first sprint triathlon in 2019 at Qualicum Beach, Vancouver Island, and I LOVED it. In the Summer of 2020, I joined the Abbotsford Triathlon Club and experienced open water swimming for the first time, and met the most amazing people. Now I am hooked on this sport and I am proud to belong to this awesome team. I am a sprinter for now. My main goal is to do olympic distances. One day, hopefully, a half Iron Man.  What do I do when not biking/running/swimming?  I love lego and latin dancing!
                         Cheers   Francesca, the Geodoctor


I have been running long distance since 1977, doing a lot of the 1.5 and 3 kilometer distances in junior and senior high. After high school I kept running and did what was likely my very first 10 K (The Terry Fox Run) in 1981. It was sadly the last time I ever beat my big brother. I did my 1st marathon in about 1992,

My first triathlon was on my sister’s Cannondale mountain bike back in 1991. I participated in Olympic distance races from then until 2000, when I decided to (along with my wide Elise) “go-long”.

Since 1993, I have been to every Ironman distance race in Penticton, either as a spectator or as a participant (an August tradition). To date, I have done about 40 Half Ironman races and  9 Ironman-Distance Races.

For the upcoming year, I already have a fairly busy season planned. My goals for the year are to:
a) Run a sub 40 – 10 K.
b) Set a PB bike in at least two triathlons.
c) Make the roadies suffer in the Wed.night crits.
d) Set a new PB for the Thurs. night TT.

When not training, racing, or earning money I enjoy trolling on Slowtwitch, coaching, reading more about how to get fast, DRIVING!, waxing my orange GTI, making spicy foods and encouraging Mikey Ross to follow his true athletic talent, bike racing. I also like to write! Check out my blogspot and podcast at


My name is Mylene- pronounced Me-Len. If you can’t remember Mimi is fine. When I order a coffee at Starbucks or food over the phone, I always say my name is Mimi, so that I don’t have to spell my name forever and everybody knows how to say/spell Mimi. It speeds things up J

Talking about speed – I love speed. I enjoy watching movies about runners and I get goose bumps when I watch a sprint – E-V-E-R-Y T-I-M-E!

Racing – Racing is something I enjoy a lot. I always enjoyed running and I was part of the cross-country and Track & Field club at my high school for five years. My favorite moment in a 100m sprint was the seconds just before the gun fires on the starting blocks. My favorite memories in the cross-country races are when my mom, who was attending ALL my races, was screaming at the end of the finish line louder than everybody else to encourage me. It was precious to me, even if I was a teenager.

I did numerous 10km runs between the age of 20-35 years old. I am now 37 years old. Two years ago I did my first ½ marathon. I was working with Mikey at the time. I used to ask him a thousand questions (and I still do) like: What do you eat before a race?, Which gels do you buy?, Where do you buy them?, etc. Two weeks before the Run for Water half-marathon, I sprained my ankle and a week prior the race I got strep throat. I saw a physio hoping he could do fix my ankle before the race. Two days before my race, I was celebrating with my colleagues, Mikey and his lovely wife Judy, at their retirement party. I remember I almost gave Mikey my spot in the race because I did not know if I could make it. I didn’t. The morning of the race, my ankle was still bugging me. I took an Advil and my last pill of antibiotic and sucked it up. My goal was to finish the race under 2 hours and I finished in 1:59. I am very proud of that.

I am a member of the club since the end of January. I am very grateful to be in this club because first of all, everybody in the club is sooooo nice! Second, I learned so much! I learned about intervals on the track, time trials on the bike, Zwift, swimming techniques, etc. I will be competing in my first sprint triathlon on June 25th 2017 at Cultus Lake. I just realized today that it is in seven weeks. I am very nervous and excited at the same time because I still have a lot to learn. But, I am sure that my fellow ATC members would say to that is that we never stop to learn. I know, that’s what I tell my students all the time! I talk to my students about the club sometimes and I tell them that it is important to have goals and to find something that they really enjoy doing outside school. I work full time and I have two children. I am racing to two different daycares every morning, then I race to work, then I race in the hallways between bells and I even watch races because I am the Track coach at my school. I race all day long. However, when I am training with ATC, I really enjoy it. It is something I do for myself, not for anyone else.

See you at practices!


Paul is one of the newest members of ATC! He’s retired, but not tired…of triathlon 🙂 Moved here recently from Vernon, his proudest moment in Tri was coming 15th AG at the ITU World Championships! Woot! Woot! He has a Canada suit to show for it too! Paul is a happy Dad to two daughters and is proud that he and his wife have raised two great moms. His favourite Carb-Loader is his wife’s homemade lasagna. He hiked MONGOLIA in the summer (and has the legs to show for it, I hear!) You wanna know his WORST race? 2004 Boston Marathon. 90 degrees with a hot, dry wind (don’t read this Ang, we know you are headed there this year!) Even though Paul was 50 minutes slower than his qualifying time…hey PAUL, it’s BOSTON. Instant cred just for running Boston, buddy!

Pic1: Paul with his grandson. They BOTH did a tri together…who else can claim that?

Pic2: ITU Championship: go Canada and go Paul!

Pic3: Paul has a fun side: he still plays with toys! YAY!