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DYNAMIC RACE EVENTS: Why Do I Do “The Series”? by Coach Mikey

By December 5, 2016Club News


By Coach Mikey Ross


Sometimes, in some triathlon races, whether they be big or small, multi-sponsored or charity-based, internationally known or new (like my favourite Westwood), you can feel like one of those Age Groupers that wonders, as you set up your stuff and reorganize it for the fifth, sixth and seventh time…”does it really matter if I’m here?”   You wonder if it isn’t really just about those Fasties, the ones who, when you check the race results, are always and forever right up there at the top, swimming, biking and running better than you in all three sports than you ever could if you even tackled just ONE of the sports on it’s own and had the fastest time of your life in doing so.


Then, you look around you. Fellow Do-ers, getting ready, just like you, to Do. Asking how many gels you use, wondering if anyone has a pump for a last second tweak or two of tire pressure, calling out “Oh no…does anyone have a spare helmet…I left mine in the garage!” The pats on the back, the laughter, the nigglety pigglety worries being appeased and assuaged by fellow Age Groupers who GET how you are feeling because, often, they’ve been there too. You know that indeed, it does matter than you are there.


You see Angie and Joe, the managers of Dynamic Race Events series, dealing with 108 things at once, somehow getting everything done that needs to be done so that you, that Age Grouper, can swim, bike and run your way to a feeding frenzy at the end. You smile at them and they smile back. You know that you matter because you feel it all around you. It’s tangible. It’s genuine. It’s …well…its DYNAMIC!!!


My name is Mikey Ross. I am a triathlete. I am an Age Grouper. When I am competing in a Dynamic Race Event, I know I am involved in something special. Never mind the fact that the Series Pass is the absolute best deal there is on the West Coast. It’s more than that. It’s the feeling I get when I witness so many, many first-timers, newly tri-ed and serial tri-ers finding joy in the sport that I love so much. It is such a sense of community. It doesn’t have the bells and whistles and brou-ha-ha present in other events. What it DOES have is a unique dynamic. That is why I am choosing to support Dynamic Race Events as a Series athlete again in 2017. Can’t wait for two Cultus’s, a Westwood, and good ol’ Olivers to bring me the joy that only triathlon does.


Thanks, Joe and Angie,

From one of your many fans, Mikey Ross

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