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Tip of the Week: Mental Toughness Strategy #1

By January 10, 2017Club News

Coach Mikey’s Tip of the Week: “Get Your Mind Right” is a ‘mental set’ you can do before every workout, particularly when you “kinda sorta don’t wanna get started” It’s simple, easy and quick: think of a person or a place that holds a phenomenally happy memory for you, for whatever reason (no need to ever share this with anyone if you don’t want to). Now…BLINK! (That’s you taking a SNAPSHOT of it). Literally click it into your present moment wherever you are. Then start the workout. You’ve created a Mental Set that can get you through even the toughest moments in a workout or race. I have a stockpile of “MindRightSnapShots” to go to when I need ‘em. Like ALL mental toughness techniques, what you practise you turn into HABIT

Careful what you practise, okay?

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