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Tip of the Week: Mental Toughness Strategy #2

By January 15, 2017Club News

Coach Mikey’s Tip of the Week: The 3M: “Motivational Movement Mantra” is a tool you can use at any time in any or all 3 sports! Reengage! Reconnect! Reset! your wandering mind, in training OR racing. Here’s how it works: choose a short phrase or a few words that have a rhythm to them when spoken out loud or chanted in your head. Whenever you feel negativity, doubt or detachment from the present, REPEAT your Motivational Movement Mantra over and over and over until you settle back into POSITIVITY, CONFIDENCE and ENGAGEMENT It really works, but ONLY if you make it an integrated part of your “skill set”. It takes time, practise and perseverence. Most importantly, the phrase or words need to be owned by you. My Swim 3M (broken into syllables: one syllable for each stroke) is Won-der-ful-Wa-ter. 5 syllables so I even get to be bilaterally motivated while bilateral breathing!
Works like a charm for Mikey Create a 3M that works for you!

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